Constant Seafood Intake Contributes to Longevity

Scientists conducted the study, which lasted more than 10 years have proved that seafood positive effect on the work of our body and prolong life.

No wonder the people of those countries, which are located on the shores of the seas and oceans, are long-lived, as their diet consists mainly of seafood.

The protein contained in seafood, easily digested by the body, as well as minerals present, which can not be found in other products, allows longer retain youthfulness and reduce the number of different diseases.

Marine products are a must for people who are experiencing problems with the heart, brain, not to mention, of gastrointestinal diseases and obesity.

Every day, eating such foods in moderation, you will avoid many troubles related to health. At the same time, prepare them better for a couple, boil or bake as fried foods are harmful not only for the stomach, and liver. Not necessarily every day to eat salmon or trout, you can buy cheaper products, the main thing that they were the sea, rather than grown entrepreneurs in special cages.

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