Condition of Joints Depends on Nutrition

Recently, more and more people began to suffer from joint disease, which can be very difficult to cure.

In addition to the fact that the pain that often occurs during a change in the weather complicates the movement, and not only on a bicycle, but during normal walking, they also break sleep, because they manifest throughout the night.

As a result of research conducted by Australian scientists, it was found that the destruction of cartilage joints is adversely affected by saturated fats, which are contained in palm, coconut and butter, as well as in beef fat.

The experiments were carried out using rodents, which were divided into two groups, in one of which rats were fed with products containing saturated fats and carbohydrates, as a result of which the metabolism was disturbed, which affected the destruction of cartilaginous tissues.

From this it can be concluded that many diseases, including arthritis, play a huge role in nutrition. It’s not for nothing that the inhabitants of those countries that use more useful products are distinguished by their longevity.

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