Communication Favorably Affects Health

American scientists managed to prove that loneliness negatively affects not only the psychological state of a person, but also worsens the general state of health, which in turn affects life expectancy.

After a series of experiments, they found out that the longer a person is in a team, constantly communicating even on work, he feels much more confident in life, because he hopes for the support of friends who are ready to help at any moment, if necessary.

Among lonely people, there are often diseases associated with the work of the stomach and intestines. The reason for this is that often they do not want to cook for themselves a full meal, having a snack with various sandwiches or half-finished products, which are known to be very harmful to the stomach.

In people who spend most of their time alone, very often there is a stressful condition, which leads to disruption of the heart. However, it is worth noting that you should avoid contact with people who dislike you, because any conflict can negatively affect the nervous system.

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