Color of the Wallpaper in the Room Affects Health

In order to extend the years of his life, a person must not only eat right and exercise, but also to be an optimist.

This is the conclusion reached by scientists, conducted a series of experiments, participants were people who have lived more than a hundred years.

When asked how they managed to live up to such an advanced age, many of them responded that they were constantly in the life goals that they try to achieve. On human health is affected by many factors, which we did not even suspect.

For example, the color of the wallpaper, which papered room dwelling may depend not only on the state of the nervous system, but also cause irritation of the skin. And this is not to mention the light conditions, especially in winter, when our body lacks melatonin affects the sleep state.

Incidentally, it was also noted that the bedroom is decorated in blue tones, a positive effect on sleep duration, whereas the red or orange color of the walls is a concern and stress.

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