Cold in Autumn

170920164Despite the fact that outside is dry, warm weather, by all indications, felt the onset of autumn. The days become shorter and the nights are cool and, in some areas there are already frosty nights. It was at this time of year, most ordinary people suffer from colds, and this is due to the fact that occur sudden changes in air temperature.

Particularly vulnerable to colds children whose body has not adapted to thermoregulation. In the morning, going to school or kindergarten, the children put on warm clothes, because on the street is cool, and in the daytime, when the sun’s rays heat the air, the temperature rises considerably.

Such sharp fluctuations contribute to the emergence of the throat, cough and runny nose appearance. For prophylactic purposes it is recommended to enter in your daily diet infusion of rose hips or cranberry juice, which is rich in vitamin C. If, however, failed to protect themselves from the cold, then, if there is no increase in temperature, you can try to recover the people’s means. For example, the infusion of raspberry drink, and, boil, you can not only berries, but the branches of the plant.

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