Coffee with the Addition of Milk is More Useful Than Normal

American scientists decided to conduct an experiment to determine how caffeine affects our body.

They managed to find out that coffee with milk is much more useful than usual.

During the study, people were divided into two groups, one of which for a certain time consumed pure coffee, and the other – with the addition of milk.

Then, they were given the task, which requires concentration. It turned out that the representatives of the first team did a worse job, because the effects of caffeine adversely affect health, causing symptoms such as nervous tension, sometimes turning into trembling limbs, and also, there was an increase in blood pressure in some individuals.

Those people who drank coffee with milk, on the contrary, were distinguished by their high working capacity, while no negative properties from the effects of caffeine were recorded. Therefore, in order to feel constantly alert and not to cause harm to health, prefer to drink coffee with milk or hot chocolate.

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