Coffee is the Prevention of Parkinson’s Disease

110920162There are a number of different information about the benefits and dangers of coffee. We will not talk about how this product is good for your health, and what harm it brings him, but simply share interesting results of observation.

So, recently, a group of scientists from the University in the US found a correlation between the consumption of this fragrant refreshing beverage and Parkinson’s disease. It turns out that those people who daily drink at least 2 cups of coffee, the risk of Parkinson’s disease is reduced almost 40%.

Learning of this, most of the leading pharmaceutical companies even decided to come to grips with this issue and create a coffee-based medicinal drugs that could help patients avoid this terrible disease, as well as the various pathologies associated with it. Moreover, some even happened. For example, the Japanese company Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co has already received a patent for the production of drugs for the disease on the basis of caffeine.

What Coffee Is Not Harmful to Health?

Despite this scientific opinion, the use of coffee should be treated with extreme caution. Doctors recommend to abandon instant coffee and use only scalded. At the same time, try to avoid adding sugar or sweet syrups to coffee, as this increases the load on the heart and pancreas. It is best to drink coffee in the morning to avoid insomnia. Do not exceed the daily dosage recommended by doctors (1 cup). These simple rules will help you safely enjoy your favorite invigorating drink.

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