Chronic Lack of Sleep is Bad for Health

270920161One of the important factors in maintaining human health, a restful sleep, which should be not less than 7 hours a day. It is time for the human body is able to recover from a hard day’s work.

The constant lack of sleep leads to such serious diseases, which people do not even know, and sometimes wonder why they occur. The man who sleeps little, is exposed primarily to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, to heart disease, and they often have problems with eyesight.

To sleep was full, you must comply with certain rules, one of which is the daily evening walks at any time of the year. At dinner, which must be no later than two hours before bedtime, it is best to eat fruits and vegetables, excluding the menu fried and fatty foods.

Many an important role for healthy sleep plays a comfortable bed, as well as the mandatory ventilation of the room before you go to sleep, but it is worth considering the fact that the air temperature is not too low.

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