Chocolate Anti-myth or Reality?

27101621A team of scientists from the Prince of Wales Hospital in Australia have dispelled the myth of the theory of chocolate, which can positively affect mood and help, people to avoid depression.

The experiment divided the participants into two groups of voluntary respondents. In the N1 group consisted of people who systematically eating chocolate and can not live without it. The N2 group test people ate chocolate, only when they were sad.

Studies have shown, the first group of people in the process of eating chocolate enjoyed, and in the brain of the subjects elaborated dopamine. In the second group of people using sweets tried to find an excellent remedy for the state after stress, clinical depression, and boredom.

Experts have concluded that chocolate may be for a short period of time will help to avoid depression, but soon sadness will only intensify. The researchers explain that the chocolate as serotonin in the brain has the same effect. But the common man to the effect was made to be a ton of chocolate to eat.

The experimental results allowed the myth to the wind, proving that chocolate can not help you avoid depression and bad mood, and you probably will type only overweight.

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