Cautious – Mushrooms!

260820164There comes the autumn time, when fans of “quiet hunting”, will go to the forest to fill your basket of mushrooms. What could be more delicious mushroom spawn, or potatoes, fried with mushrooms, the flavor of which is distributed all over the kitchen. But it is worth remembering that not all edible mushrooms, because even among the known species of fungi are found false, which are dangerous for human consumption.

Mushroom poisoning is one of the most dangerous, because, despite the fact that it can be cured, are the consequences of which, in some cases, accompany the person all his life. This is the best, but there are also poisoning when save a life is not possible.

It must be remembered that the mushrooms are heavy food for our stomach, so people suffering El-Macho dónde comprar en España from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, is generally not recommended their use. Also, it is not recommended to buy mushrooms of unknown origin, which offer on the market, especially since it is not known which area they were collected and, as we know, mushrooms are like sponges, able to absorb it all.

How To Choose Mushrooms?

Recently, we often read different media that mushrooms poisoned a young family, mushrooms provoked poisoning a small child, mushrooms – then, mushrooms – it is! It seems that they should not be used at all.

Quite a few years ago, when there was a World War II, some people just saved themselves by collecting mushrooms and bread from black dough.

In those days, it was not accepted that mushrooms were a heavy food for our body. Today we say that mushrooms are a very dangerous kind of plant, which is best to refuse otherwise the inevitable poisoning may follow.

Indeed, in those places where there are a large number of factories, chemical enterprises, garbage depots, as well El-Macho gdje se mogu kupiti u Hrvatskoj as contaminated ecology, the fungi germinating there can have very dangerous consequences for the body. But if you are constantly collecting mushrooms in the same place, and you are very well known for this area. The fact is that disputes are still going on. A mushroom is a heavy or dietary product.

From the point of view of its chemical composition, it is possible to classify fungi as light dietary and low-calorie products, since they have 18 amino acid complexes. An important feature and uniqueness of fungi is their wonderful property of quickly saturating a person who uses it.

But while, as already mentioned, the mushroom is a very low-calorie product. In addition, the fungi are very rich in protein, whose dosage exceeds 3 times the meat and 2 times the eggs. And the amino acid and chemical composition prevents the development of heart disease, atherosclerosis. As a result, it has such a balanced product, very useful and detoxifying, and also used in bodybuilding.

And the harm is in him and the severity of the stomach, it’s just in chitin. It is this element that pulls the most harmful into the fungus: toxins, gases, free radicals, slags and much more. So, if the fungus is next to harmful production, it will accumulate in itself that’s all. Also, when the mushroom El-Macho dove acquistare in Italia is digested, chitin works and draws out of you the most harmful thing. However, the constant use of fungi in people with a problematic pancreas can lead to difficulty in assimilating chitin, which draws the most harmful from you. Thus, you need to understand and know your dose, which for you will be bezlopastnaya in the use of mushrooms.


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