Caution – Iron in the Water!

21101624Water is the main source of nutrients and minerals for our body. In an ideal condition, it should not have a taste, odor or color.

Perfectly clean water should be transparent and tasteless.

However, sometimes in the use of water, we often feel a “metallic” taste. This suggests that a large percentage of the iron contained in the liquid and is not recommended to drink it.

In fact, water must contain iron in specific proportions, since this component is also very important for our health. However, if the concentration of iron in the water is too high, it can negatively affect the functioning of internal organs and cause a number of significant changes in our body. In particular, one of the common diseases, which arises in the use of water with high levels of iron is hemochromatosis. This is a very dangerous disease, which seriously affects the functioning of the whole organism, may cause increased fatigue and joint problems.

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