Causes of Tinnitus

29111624The manifestation of any symptoms that were not previously observed, may indicate the occurrence of various diseases.

One of them is the feeling as tinnitus and its causes can be different from the inflammatory process, to circulatory disorders in the ear.

In order to establish an accurate diagnosis must be examined by a specialist. Often noises occur due to failure of the heart, thyroid or blood pressure changes, therefore, in the first place should pay attention to the state of these bodies.

A major role is also played by the image of a person’s life, if, for example, it is a lot of smoke and abuse alcohol, the tinnitus may be the result of poisoning by harmful substances contained in them. To reduce the risk of this disease, you need to frequently visit the open air, to protect the ears from hypothermia, which in the cold to wear a hat, as well as to balance your diet, including diet more green vegetables and fruits.

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