Causes of Insomnia

Often there are cases when a person, going to bed, can not sleep for a long time, turning from one side to the other looking for the most comfortable position.

If this state is repeated for several nights, then a psychological state is developed, when a person, going to bed, is sure beforehand that in a few hours he will not be able to fall asleep anyway.

Naturally lack of sleep affects not only the moral state, but also the physical, because there is rapid fatigue, drowsiness throughout the whole working day, as well as frequent headaches. To avoid this, you must follow certain rules, and one of them is the refusal to watch TV, especially news and crime chronicles, as well as computers and smartphones.

Before going to bed, do not drink alcohol, because this can become a habit and, after a while, you can not fall asleep without it. Ventilate the dormitory and never give up evening walks, and during the day try to get as much positive emotions as possible.

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