Causes of Heartburn

02121614Probably, many people have experienced such unpleasant feeling as heartburn.

When it occurs, should pay special attention to diet, the composition of the menu, because the appearance of heartburn indicates a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. In most cases, it affects people with high acidity.

However, there are some habits that might cause such a sensation. It turns out that even such a small thing like a tight belt can cause heartburn. Smoking hurts itself all organs, including the stomach, and if the cigarette is smoked on an empty stomach, while consuming coffee, then you heartburn guaranteed.

Naturally overeating, it does not improve our condition, so it is necessary to adhere to rules and go from the table with a small sense of hunger. Immediately after a meal is not recommended immediately go to bed, as well as exercise, because all of the above can cause you heartburn.

Try to eat more boiled and baked products, at the same time, ever give up unhealthy foods such as margarine, soft drinks, French fries, potato chips.

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