Causes of Hair Graying in Young

If a person older than 50 years at the head of gray hair a lot, it is not surprising, because it is a natural process of aging.

The cause of gray hair is loss melanite pigments.

However, if at the age of 30 years, people find themselves in a gray hair, this could indicate a malfunction in the body, including, and cardiac abnormalities, problems with the stomach.

One of the reasons can be stress, which is observed for a long time. Very often parents a lot of that is transmitted to children by inheritance, and if your mother or father turned gray at an early age, then it is possible that you will meet the same fate. According to statistics, women first gray hairs appear earlier in blondes.

Nutrition also plays a not unimportant role, because those people who are addicted to excessive salt and fatty foods, as well as the love of coffee, also fall into this list. One of the most harmful habits a person is smoking, which arise from cancer of the respiratory tract disease, and, in addition, nicotine promotes the appearance of gray hair.

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