Causes of Gingivitis Appearance

To ensure that the teeth are always strong, healthy and distinguished by their whiteness, you must constantly monitor them, while observing some recommendations.

One of them is a visit to the dentist at least twice a year to learn about the condition of the oral cavity, if necessary, to undergo a course of treatment.

This especially applies to children and adolescents, because it is during this period that their body is formed. Sometimes there are cases when people do not even suspect that they develop such a disease as gingivitis, during which the gums are inflamed. If you do not seek help at the time, tooth loss may occur.

The reasons for its occurrence may be different, it is the lack of vitamins, various gum traumas, smoking, weakening of immunity or wrong metabolism. In order to protect yourself from gingivitis, you must observe oral hygiene by selecting the toothpaste that suits you and the brush you need to rigidity, which should be periodically changed. Do not forget about rinsing after eating, and in case of inflammation of the gums, you can use a decoction of oak bark or tincture of calendula.

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