Causes of Fatty Liver Disease

There are some diseases that are difficult to define very appearance, because the symptoms are not pronounced, and are common, pointing to a number of other diseases.

One of them is a fatty liver disease, which is divided into two types, one of which is shown due to prolonged use of alcohol, and in the second case, it is observed as a result of being overweight or high blood cholesterol levels and, as a result of receiving various drugs.

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, you need to pass the tests and go through ultrasound.

Those people who have seen the problems with the liver, are more likely to feel tired, the appearance of headaches, as well as a person loses weight, and there are pain in the abdomen.

As as prevention, as well as during the disease, it is necessary to adhere properly balanced diet to exclude from the diet of carbohydrates and sugary drinks. Also, you should pay constant attention to his physical preparation, especially those involved in sedentary work.

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