Causes of Birth of Moles

If you look closely, you can always find on your body dark patches, which we call moles, and experts nevi, and their size and amount are significantly different.

It has been scientifically proven that moles are more often inherited, moreover, very often they can be in the same place, for example, in the mother and son.

Also, moles appear due to exposure to sunlight, so the more often and longer a person tans, the more nevuses he can detect on his body. As you know, the number of birthmarks should not be more than 20, and if you have more of them, it is worthwhile to keep a constant watch on them and, in case of discolouring or moles, it is necessary to visit a doctor, because a mole can cause cancer.

Do not confuse moles with papillomas, which do not represent any danger. If they bring inconvenience, then they can be disposed of in the same way as from birthmarks, especially since modern medical equipment makes it possible to conduct this operation painlessly and does not leave scars.

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