Causes of Anxiety Feeling

Nowadays, there are often cases when people without a cause experience a sense of anxiety, and explain its appearance are difficult.

Naturally, if such a condition is observed for a long time, then this can lead to irreversible consequences in the work of the nervous system.

In most cases, all this is due to a disruption of the thyroid gland responsible for metabolism. Therefore, with such symptoms, a specialist should first be examined and, in case of detection of a disease of this organ, undergo a course of treatment.

Also, people can be disturbed because of improper conduct of a way of life, as a result of which blood supply is broken and the brain does not get the quantity of oxygen that is necessary for normal activity.

In such cases it is necessary to be as often as possible to be in the open air, while not standing still, and as much as possible walk to increase distances. Fatigue, both moral and physical, affects the overall state of the nervous system, so try to spend more time on rest, and not lying on the couch, but doing what you love.

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