Cat – is Also a Doctor

2611164These cute creatures are always in comparison with the softness and warmth, with kindness and grace.

Yes, it’s a cat, the ones who are always there, since primitive times. They are always near the people, we are used to them, and sometimes we do not pay them any attention. And sometimes, we get rid altogether, being kicked out of the house, not sparing.

And these same cats may be unparalleled household healers.

And the very fact of their beneficial effects on the health of the person who is next, has many times confirmed. So, if the next person who has suffered a serious cut, will be purred, happy cat. This will accelerate the pace of accretion of damaged tissues. The vibrations coming at murchanii cats can do wonderful things.

And yet, happen, we are experiencing the strongest tragedy associated with personal life. Sometimes we throw in the wedding day, we are divorced, do not share the feeling. And it sometimes makes people incredible feelings, feelings of irreparable tragedy. And if in this state, you will take him into the house cat, she will drive from the heart of his master all the relentless pain and anguish.

The above is confirmed by the strict Statistics. Those people, who allowed himself to enjoy constant contact with a cat, almost 2 times less likely to suffer heart attacks. And the secret to open is very simple: remove the cats nervous condition, fear and stress. And so, and the heart does not suffer from various disorders.

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