Care of Ears Winter

In winter many open areas of the body are exposed to a serious test.

For example, some women often go in the winter in a cap, however, is still the ears uncovered.

As a result, very often there are some problems – from peeling of the skin on the ears to hearing problems. Unfortunately, the bulk of girls for some reason always pays little attention to his ears. It is in vain, because this element of our head is also open, so for him to follow.

In the winter it is especially important to try to protect your ears from freezing. When the air temperature is at the level below 0 degrees, your skin is exposed to severe stress. Unlike hand, in the ears there is no such active hair, so they are unprotected from the effects of external factors.

Going out into the street, it is necessary to wear a hat that covers the ears. In addition, you should always wash them morning and evening, to the remnants of makeup does not accumulate in the ears, and did not provoke a variety of inflammatory processes. Also, the upper surface of the ears before going to bed is recommended to lubricate the moisturizer for the face to reduce the impact of negative factors.

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