Call Stroke Can Even Drink

28101624Recently the latest research totally proven that some very popular still today energonapitki and red meat contains compounds that cause blockage of blood vessels.

The head of the scientific group on spetsissledovaniyu this issue had to declare that the compounds contained in the above nutritional products are converted by bacteria in the digestive cycle (carnitine and TMAO) and cause a stroke.

Previous studies carried out in clinical conditions leading Institute of vessels and the heart (Cleveland) showed some properties TMAO promote the development of atherosclerosis.

Dr. Hazen team during this study observed the 2600 patients who, in fact, in the past was either a stroke or other heart attacks. Perhaps, in this way, they were able to confirm the fact that the highest levels of carnitine in these food products are always directly related to the very high risks of heart attack, the majority of common cardiovascular diseases, severe stroke, and even death from such diseases.

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