Bra size can affect women’s health

07101622Most girls choose the bra, considering various models solely on their appearance and coloring.

However, in fact, it is much more important to choose the right model, in which you will be comfortable. Recent studies show that properly selected shape or size of the breast bra can greatly harm your health.

That’s why, today we give some basic criteria on how to determine that the bra does not suit you.

First of all pay attention to the clasp on the back. If you walk it is constantly moving upwards, so this bra is too much for you. Thus, with prolonged use, it can reduce blood flow to the breast and cause serious disease.

Additionally, when wearing the brassiere if you show redness in the shoulder area, so this model is not suitable as you.

Often women knowingly buy a bra smaller, because this way you can visually make breasts bigger. But this is a dangerous practice. It is best to choose exactly the model that is perfect for you. But if you really want to enlarge your breasts, use special creams, for example, BUST SIZE.

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