Best Time To Sleep

From what regime of the day we observe, not only does our state of health depend, but also health, which naturally affects life expectancy.

After conducting a series of studies, scientists have proven that the best time for sleep is from 10 pm to 6 am.

It is during this period that there is a full rest of the brain, which, it can be said, during the sleep reboots, which is especially necessary for people engaged in mental work.

Observing such a schedule of sleep, in the mornings a person always has free time, which can be used for jogging, showering and full breakfast. If you get up early, you can always find time before work or study to do household chores, which will positively affect the general mood.

In the event that people go to bed after midnight, they wake up too late, they do not have time not only for physical training, but also for breakfast, so they dispense sandwiches or fast food, which causes various diseases .

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