Benefits of Coffee With Honey

27101625If you want to cheer up, definitely fit the coffee.

This drink can be attributed to the energy sector, and if you add the honey, which contains biologically active substances, it benefits increase. This will help the body to gain strength and stay in good shape.

If you feel tired, fatigue, malaise, or drowsiness, coffee with honey will help to wake up and feel energized. The drink will help to better focus,
and this is certainly a plus for the job. For preparing the classic honey coffee requires a half cup of water (300 ml), 4 teaspoons coffee (preferably fresh grinding) and 3 teaspoons of honey. It is best to cook the mixture in Turku. It is necessary to pour cold water on your coffee and wait until starts to boil, then pour into a cup and then, when cool, add honey. The hot drink

Such enjoyment will not only positive emotions, and a burst of energy, but also help maintain the health of the fall, winter, during the active spread of viruses and bacteria. Honey helps strengthen the immune system, because it contained the vitamins and amino acids. Volatile, which also features in it, increase the production of antibodies, and it helps to combat infections. The honey of coffee, you can add lemon, then to the positive properties of the drink will be added more and vitamin C.

With a cold coffee with honey to relieve sore throat and help defeat the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Honey is known for its soft, enveloping effect, it will prevent the spread of bacteria, removes an inflammation of the mucous membrane. If the disease you might find a recipe for honey-coffee: Brew 1 teaspoon ground coffee bed and 1 clove of garlic, 150 ml. water, and when the drink has cooled slightly, add the honey.

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