Benefit or Harm From the Frozen Food

Sometimes a conversation between two customers can be heard in the supermarket what foods are good in the winter, frozen or fresh.

Many believe that in fresh fruit and berries, more vitamins, because during freezing, the percentage of their content decreases.

If we compare the frozen berries with fresh fruit harvest, it is natural they are inferior in the number of nutrients. However, given the transportation and processing of special solutions, to increase the shelf life, the preference should be given frozen fruit.

With regard to meat and fish, for these types of products, this is the best kind of long-term storage, but from what should be abandoned, because it is the purchase of frozen convenience foods.

In order to ensure that products do not lose their valuable properties, it must be properly defrosted. It does not recommend the use of a microwave, or pour hot water, because the process must occur naturally in a cool place. At the same time, we should not be subjected to freezing of the second time.

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