Behavior Rules During the Smog

Recently, in many European cities, there is a critical situation associated with air pollution, This is due to the large congestion of traffic on city streets that emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

For this reason, some people develop certain diseases, most of them associated with the work of the respiratory system, and as specialists note, more and more people die from air pollution.

In order to protect yourself from exposure to dirty air during the smog period, you need to follow some tips. Try these days as rarely as possible on the streets, and while indoors, do not open the ventilation pane, it is better to use air conditioning with an air purification system.

In addition, do not forget to conduct a wet cleaning of the premises. Naturally, most people have to get to work or study, so they are recommended to use a face mask, which should be changed after a long stay on the street.

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