Before Use Do not Forget to Wash Vegetables and Fruits

The fact that fruits and vegetables replenish our body, not only vitamins, but also other useful substances, is known even to children, however, when using these products, it is necessary to follow certain rules so that instead of good, do not harm the body.

One of them is that before they are eaten, it is necessary to rinse thoroughly under running water and wipe dry with a paper napkin.

This procedure is necessary in order to not put into your body various viral diseases that can be on the outer shell. Especially often there are bacteria of Escherichia coli, hepatitis A and salmonella.

Some people, at the sight of rotting the fetus, often remove the affected area, and the remainder is consumed, while they do not realize that the fetus is already completely infected, so it should be discarded. As for the availability of vitamins, most of them are in the products during harvesting, so, at this time, try to include them as often as possible in your menu. In winter, give preference to frozen foods.

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