Because of What’s Going On Lowering Body Temperature

During a bad state of health and suspicion of colds, people first of all use a thermometer to make sure that they do not have elevated body temperature, as is usually the case during inflammatory processes.

At elevated temperature, people begin to undergo a course of treatment to reduce it to normal, but few people pay attention to if it is below normal, which should not be done, because this may indicate the presence of a variety of chronic diseases that are in this period Are in a phase of exacerbation.

Causes of low temperature can also be a sedentary lifestyle, especially those at risk of being exposed to office work, so many experts recommend that you exercise every hour.

An important factor in body temperature is lack of sleep and fatigue, in such cases it is recommended to allocate more time for rest and normalize your sleep

Due to the fact that people are engaged in self-medication, taking medications without a doctor’s appointment, and using information from the Internet, there is also a drop in temperature.

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