Because of What the Fingers Often Cold

30111613That winter came, that fabulous time when fluffy snow has covered the ground.

At this time, many people want more time to spend in nature, especially in the forest, where the pure cold air enriches the blood with oxygen. But, at the same time do not forget to put on warm clothes, so as not to catch a cold.

Particular attention should be paid to the extremities, as in the first freezing hands and feet. Shoes should be tight and waterproof to keep your feet always dry. As for the hands, on a frosty day mittens gloves should be replaced.

Some people, especially women, often cold fingers. The reasons for these symptoms may be different, and in some cases this is the result of serious diseases related to the blood supply or low hemoglobin levels. Because of intestinal diseases, sedentary lifestyle, as well as the presence of diabetes, a condition of the fingers occurs quite often.

In such cases, you need to reconsider your diet, including more protein foods and foods high in iron.

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