Became Known the Most Terrible Danger of Fast Food

American scientists have found that the main harm to fast food is not enclosed in a large number of calories, and is where the finished product is put on fast food.

How do I find the American scientists in boxes and food packaging paper contains phthalate. Phthalate is a chemical substance that is extremely slow, but the detrimental effect on the person.

With a large use of phthalate and contacting with the person can be completely disrupt the metabolism and get not only a big problem with weight, but as well as problems with reproductive system diseases and problems thrush, when it comes to women.

In extreme cases, large amounts of phthalates leads to blood cancer. A large number of scientists believe phthalates are found in human blood that upotrebyalet a large number of fast food. At the use of phthalates human blood circulates through the capillaries weak and leads to cholesterol plaques. It should be noted that in such an important science research was attended by about 8000 volunteers.

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