Be Sure to Start the Morning With Breakfast

Some people who are watching their figures, not to gain extra weight have different diets, with refuse nutrition.

Chinese ucheny conducted a series of experiments in their own country, we have found that such people if they shed their excess weight, then after a short time, he not only returned once again, but also increases.

Therefore, it is best to stick to a normal diet, you observe the food consumption rate, especially for breakfast. In the morning, when the body is rested during sleep, it is necessary to replenish the energy that we get from eating. The best breakfast menu is oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, boiled eggs and yogurt with added bran.

As for drinking, it is best fit green tea, which is recommended to drink after 20 minutes after a meal, as well as coffee, which many are accustomed to drink on an empty stomach, what not to do, because this drink irritate the stomach lining.

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