Basic Causes of Night Awakenings

Some people are faced with a situation where, for no apparent reason, they are interrupted by a night’s sleep, after which they can not quickly fall asleep for a long time.

Most experts argue that if this is rare, then this should not be taken into account, and in case of frequent awakenings, it is necessary to draw the appropriate conclusions, because the reasons can be diverse.

Very often insomnia, or private awakenings, which adversely affect the general well-being and harm the body, because it does not have time to recover after a day, comes because of depression or anxiety.

In such cases, it is necessary to walk before going to bed, during which to ventilate the room, and if this does not give positive results, then it is necessary to take sedatives on the recommendation of a doctor.

The use of alcohol before bedtime allows you to quickly fall asleep, but in the second half of the night people usually wake up and can not sleep until the morning, especially since there may be dependence.

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