Babies Given Equal Attention

Parenting is hard and responsible work that requires a lot of effort.

After all, the child need not only to dress, feed, put to bed, he should be given special attention, communication, and if the large family as parents to raise children properly.

Unfortunately, often with the advent of newborn, little attention is paid to him, despite the fact that the growing another baby in the family.

Parents believe that he is old enough and quite independent. However, this is not the case, because as a child, regardless of age, who does not receive affection and attention, feels unnecessary, with the result that he may be a feeling of resentment, which eventually turn into hatred, not only to the younger brother or sister, but also to the parents.

It would be best if you ask him to help bathe the baby, look after him, when you are busy, while not forgetting to praise for their assistance. In such cases, the older child will feel responsible for the young and in the future will always be its protection and support. But the most important thing is that growing up between them would remain friendly relations.

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