Autumn Fruits – Apples

2209201614Everyone knows that our bodies need to constantly replenish the vitamins, which are mainly found in vegetables and fruits. One of the most common fruit is the apple, which contains large amounts of iron, and vitamins A and C, so necessary for normal functioning of all organs.

As they say, every day eating 2-3 apples will not be necessary to go to doctors. Apples help cleanse plaque, resulting in tooth decay occurs. This fruit is able to improve the state of the blood, so as reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and good, on the contrary, increases.

An infusion made from the leaves of apple trees, will help get rid of the cough, but also protects the body from the cold. But not only in the fresh state can use this product, and dried, so as vitamins stored therein. However, eating an apple, it is worth remembering that, bones that are inside the fruit, poisonous, therefore, poisoning can occur when the eating.

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