At What Age is Best to Be a Father

Previously it was thought that the future health of the child depends largely on the mother’s condition.

This refers to the fact of living it adheres as carries the pregnancy and is not observed if she has some kind of chronic disease.

But US scientists have conducted some research, the results of which it became known that the father’s genes are no less affect future offspring.

One of the major discoveries was that it is best to become a father to 40 years, because later in life more often give birth to children who have not only a weak immune system, but also mentally unstable. In addition, the large role played by the factor of how often a man drinks alcohol, because in these fathers tend to give birth to babies with underdeveloped mental capacity, and is not dependent on the mother’s health.

So, before you have a baby, you need to take care of its future health, why it is recommended to give up bad habits, if any, as well as adhere to proper nutrition.

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