As the Winter Will Not Allow Frostbite

07121616That winter came, the land of snow hid the veil that sparkles of sunlight.

In this weather rarely usidit home because, as you want to go for a walk in the woods, or skiing and skating, not to mention the children, who are happy to deal with stucco snowman. However, in the winter season, being on the street, is not to forget the safety rules, since, in sub-zero temperatures can get frostbite.

Usually suffer from the cold ears, cheeks, nose and hands, if they are not put on gloves, so, in the case of pronounced redness, measures must be taken, but in any case do not try to rub snow. In case of skin white spots, it is necessary to seek medical help to avoid serious consequences.

In order for the body is not supercooled and did not appear cold, you need to dress properly, thus it is necessary to take into account time spent on the street, and what you plan to do in order not to sweat.

One important element is the shoes, so choose it so that she was free and warm.

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