As Synthetics Affect the Human Body?

29101610Every person knows that synthetic materials have become quite popular in our daily life.

We use them more often, and it becomes the norm for us. The different spheres of life in one way or another connected with the synthetics. It should be noted that the chemical thread that leads to the composition of the synthetic, covers fresh air – our body stops breathing. It appears excessive sweating. Thus, the entire moisture remains between the skin and fabric. This creates a greenhouse effect.

In any interaction with synthetic materials, static electricity occurs. It has a detrimental effect on human health – irritating the nerve endings in certain parts of the skin. Further changes vascular tone, resulting in deterioration of sensitivity koi. Very frequent exposure to such electricity quickly tiring man, cause insomnia and increases the feeling of irritation.

Each girl is important to know that all the napkins, tampons, synthetic underwear adversely affect the condition of the genital organs, the risk of genetic and chemical impact on women’s health.

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