As Sea Cruises May Affect Health

Many people dream about to go on a cruise trip on a big boat.

Besides the fact that travel companies offer excellent service, because modern ships are equipped with comfortable cabins, there are swimming pools, saunas, cinemas, and it does not mention the cafes and restaurants, from the deck, it is possible to breathe the clean sea air.

Of course, in our time it is difficult to find a place where the air would be consistent with the standards, as is well known, from the dirty air, which contains large amounts of harmful substances, many people die prematurely. French journalists while on a cruise ship, made measurements of the air on deck and, to their surprise, it was found exceeding the permissible standards several times.

The reason for this is the work of smoke emissions from diesel engines. Therefore, before you decide on such a costly trip can cost reflect on what ship you have to swim. Experts say that when you install appropriate filters such travel can be safe for health.

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