As in Weekends Do not Lose Sleep

All of us are always looking forward to the days off to have a good rest after a week of work.

However, there are some habits that do not, just do not allow you to gain strength, but also damage your health.

First of all, the rhythm that the body gets used to during the working days, when we at the same time go to bed and wake up in the morning, gets lost.

As for the day off, many people prefer to spend a lot of time at the TV and computer screen in the evening. Naturally, watching any film or transmission is not harmful, but if you get carried away by it for several hours, the brain does not rest during sleep, because it received too much information.

In addition, during the week the body is accustomed to receiving certain physical exertion, and if on the day off from them to refuse, it can also negatively affect the quality of sleep. Daytime sleep within the reasonable, meaning no more than one hour, do not interfere with the night and favorably affects the work of the body. It’s not in vain, the inhabitants of Spain, who are lonely, observe the lunch siesta.

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