As Health Depends on Floor Residence

Sometimes, in the event of certain ailments, people can not find the cause of their appearance.

American scientists managed to prove the dependence of the state of health of whether people live on what floor.

There are both positive and negative sides in any floor, but it is worth noting that the people living above the sixth floor, more likely to suffer from insomnia, impaired cardiac performance and neuroses.

This is because they are more exposed to electromagnetic waves. In recent years among residents of European countries, to live above the 6th floor is not considered prestigious. As for the tenants with 1 to 3 floors, they have a major problem is the lack of sunlight, because standing next to the house constantly provide shade.

In addition, living in the central part of the city, there is a strong air pollution due to exhaust gases, which they have to breathe. The apartments of these stories often appear fungal mold, which causes some diseases.

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