As Far as People are Accustomed to Mobile Phones

Surprisingly quickly, our life changes, just a few decades ago, people communicated with each other by correspondence, with, letters, waited for a few days.

Being in different cities, the best reports were long-distance phone, which had to wait a while until the operator is connected to the called party.

With the advent of mobile phones it all became much easier, because, in any place you can call wherever you wish. This small unit came into our lives in such a way that it is difficult to imagine a person who does not have a mobile phone, and it applies to both children and the elderly.

Experts say that people are accustomed to phones to such an extent that, in the absence of some panic and there is no accident, because they contain virtually all the necessary information, including the number of friends phones, recording videos and photos, and more. How have not used the phone, going to bed, do not forget to cancel it, because radio waves adversely affect the quality of sleep.

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