As a Moderate Consumption of wine Affects Health

In Spain, conducted a survey of women older than 70 years, most of which did not suffer any chronic disease.

I found out that the persons who, since 50 years, drank a glass of wine a day, managed to maintain health.

It has long been known that natural grape wine with a moderate its use, a positive effect on the heart. In addition, a small amount of wine reduces nervous tension, fatigue, and most importantly, improves mood. Because people older than seventy years, being retired, permanent lack of communication and loneliness negative impact not only on psychological state, but also affects the overall health.

But not only wine can extend life and preserve health, because this is necessary to conduct a more active lifestyle as possible and to enter into your diet only healthy foods. Not unimportant role for people plays a feeling of joy and confidence in the future, and getting positive emotions.

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