Aromas of Female Sexuality

0611162There are millions of different scents in our world, that can be heard by our sense of smell.

Each scent has its own particular characteristics and we associate with certain people, events or processes. For example, if we talk about women’s sexuality, it is not only a visual representation, but also their own fragrances.

Smells that can enhance sexual desire in women and are a natural aphrodisiac, has long been known.

For example, these include the aroma of geranium flower. They actively contribute to improving the sexual drive and increase the brightness of orgasm in women. Also, always pleasant and exciting for a woman is the scent of jasmine. He is soft and gentle, so promotes affection and love in bed.

It is also very positive properties have aroma of myrrh oil. They not only stimulate the female body, but also to make it more docile and gentle.

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