Arbutin in Modern Cosmetics

08111624Most modern cosmetics contain in its composition such as a component of arbutin.

It is a trace mineral, which is produced in the chemical conditions in the processing of certain groups of plants. In recent years, many cosmetic brands began to use this component as a worthy replacement for essential oil.

In particular, in a cream for the face or hands arbutin coupled with various acids and vitamin compounds. As a result, it has positive effects on the skin and creates the effect of essential oil.

One of the key features of cosmetic products, as part of which contains arbutin, a longer period of onset of effect. Unlike other groups, creams, using them you can get visible results only after 10-15 days after the start of use. In addition, some experts using cosmetics with arbutin advised to carefully observe the reaction of the skin, such as the components can cause allergic reactions.

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