Application Luke Medicinal Purposes

For a long time, during the preparation of various dishes or salads, people used the bow, which gives them a unique taste.

Everyone has long known that onions and garlic is a natural antiseptic and apply at various colds and infectious diseases.

However, not all realize that you can use for headache, which is enough to cut an onion in half and attach the slices to the temples and forehead. Nutritionists recommend for dinner not to burden our stomach heavy food, so the best salad made of fresh vegetables. If we add the onion, then disappear insomnia, as well as normalize the bowels.

In case of toothache, the best way to visit the dentist, but in order to reduce the pain, you can chew onions or apply it to the sore spot. Besides, this vegetable strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke and reduces blood sugar level.

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