Apples Ability to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

0511161All fruits and vegetables are good for our health, because their structure provides the greatest amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, so necessary for our body.

Each of them has its own characteristics and more or less positive effect on the working bodies.

One of the most common worldwide fruit are apples, which provide us not only iron, but also other useful elements. Moreover, scientists have proved that the people who consumed at least one apple a day, prolong his life, at least 20 years. Also, after the investigations carried out by them they are safe to say that, especially this fruit is positively affects the functioning of the heart.

Furthermore, use of apples promotes digestion and decreases the risk of stroke. The most amazing thing is that experts still can not explain the fact, because of some components of the apples so affect the heart and brain.

Therefore, make it a rule, every day to eat one apple, thus you will strengthen your immune system and you will look young and beautiful.

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