Anorexia – Beauty or Life?

25101625Many doctors say that the presence of excess weight in the body – it is a big problem for health.

However, most of the girls sit on a diet and is constantly involved in sports in the first place, because it is fashionable. Modern fashion dictates its own rules and is considered to be a beautiful girl who has a very low weight. But, unfortunately, some of the girls could not stop and continue to lose weight as long as they do not occur anorexia.

This terrible disease, which has already broken a lot of beautiful girls lives. It is believed that anorexia often suffer from professional models or girls who seek to match the latest fashion trends. They have almost nothing to eat and bring your body to a state of physical exhaustion. As a result, instead of the expected harmony and beauty, anorexic patients get great health problems, and sometimes the problem becomes a cause of premature death.

Doctors say that any girl should watch their weight, but will never need to go to extremes. The lack of normal body weight as a health hazard, as well as its excess.

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