All Types of Nuts are Good for Health

25111616There are a number of products that you must include in your diet on a daily basis, such as honey, nuts and apples.

Today let’s talk about the nuts, of which there are several types and they all have useful properties.

Since nuts are foods high in calories, it is recommended to eat no more than 4-5 nuts per day, and, of this amount is sufficient to replenish your body with useful substances, do not put on extra weight.

Walnut has a positive impact on virtually all organs, but thanks to the presence in it of vitamin C and iodine, strengthens the immune system and promotes the normal operation of the thyroid gland.

Eating peanut peanut is beneficial to the heart, as it improves the blood and prevents blood clots.

If you notice that you have reduced vision, prefer almonds, thus do not forget about the special training for the eyes.

Improve bowel function, as well as assist the metabolism, help pistachios.

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