All the Beneficial Properties Celery

09121614We all know that in the pursuit of high profits, unscrupulous businesses engaged in the production of food products, harmful chemicals are used in their manufacture.

This is done primarily to improve the flavor qualities, as well as to prolong their shelf life.

Use of such products in human body accumulates a number of harmful substances that contribute to various illnesses. But, along with this, there are products that are eating every day, you can not only feel in a good mood, but also significantly extend the years of his life.

One of them is the celery and, according to scientists, the daily consumption of this vegetable, even in small amounts, will avoid a number of diseases, such as hypertension, peptic ulcers, blurred vision and others. Nowadays, many people are engaged in intellectual work, so they just need celery, because it improves brain function.

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